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How To Pick The Right Car Stereos?


Stereos are the car head units that are invented for the ease of users to have a control change the different music and the volume as well.  They are broadly classified into two major categories such as single din and double din head units.


Single Din Head Units:


Single din head units are half the size of double din head units. Because of their less space occupying design, they are used in all places where one cannot install the double din. Single din head units coming with different prices and such prices vary depending on the features available at them. They have a basic feature of offering a CP player to insert CD, to the high-end features of controlling different frequencies and connectivity for amplifiers as well.


When you have a good budget for buying head units, you can even go for buying the hit-tech featured Single din head units of having a motorized screen. Such a motorized screen mechanism is really cool to operate them and thus, you can get all the features nearly equal to the double din head units but only with the variation in size.



Double Din Head Units:


Double din head units are double the size of single din head units. Because of its size, they are mostly manufactured with touch screen option to operate them. Additional features provided by the double din head units include satellite navigation, ability to watch movies, and finally the reverse camera. Such a feature will allow the automatic switch of the display to the reverse camera without needing the manual change.


In addition to above features, some of the head units are designed with the features which allow you to include hands-free calls, improved music and radio options, better GPS and access to a wide range of applications in your android phones. For such features, you have to choose the right Android head unit. So, you should buy the best double din head unit for an android feature.


Some Double Din head units also come without the features of a screen and are doing the functions similar to the single din head units. But before buying the double din head units; you should make sure that the head units should cover the space left for the sound system in your car without leaving any space underneath the head units. Thus, check this size factor before buying the head units for your car.